Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Welcome to the Futures Alliance Blog

What is the Futures Alliance?

The Futures Alliance is a cooperative of community representatives with a single focus on removing boundaries and maximising community resources to deliver improved options for people with a disability who are ageing.

We also seek to:

1. To promote and raise awareness of the existence, needs and experiences of people with a disability who are ageing – we want be able to tell people’s stories to the decision makers.

2. To promote qualitative and quantitative research and study on the current lifestyle and living conditions for people with a disability who are ageing – we want to be able to promote debate and disseminate information about the good things and not so good things that are happening in people’s lives.

3. To help identify the concerns of ageing people with a disability and their families and to highlight their suggestions for key practical measures which they would like to see taken – we want to consult in a genuine and informed way. Consultation means giving accurate and timely feedback.

4. To research and provide information on current and best practices of support to ageing people with a disability – we want to have a clear picture of the best options currently available and to share this knowledge.

5. To determine the style(s) and model(s) of support that can achieve a person centred approach to people with a disability who are ageing – we want to understand what might work best for people.

6. To identify existing mechanisms, including funding mechanisms, which enable good practice and any obstacles/barriers to achieving positive outcomes- we want to let the decision makers know of the possibilities, the urgency and the importance of action.

7. To initiate strategies for delivering improved services and to advocate for pilot programs/service and support changes to be introduced – we want to follow through and achieve concrete changes for people.

8. The Futures Alliance is all about effective partnerships, effective solutions and effective outcomes to deliver self directed and person centred support for ageing people with a disability.

Our activities and objectives are in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Representation includes people with a disability, parent, aged care providers, disability care providers and academics.

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